Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Grace in the Midst of Doubt & Spiritual Famine

I have talked to several people lately who are struggling – who are waning in their passion for Christ and are wrestling with certain doubts. If that is you, if you are struggling right now as well, be encouraged. The Christian life is (thankfully) bigger than you and I.

The Christian faith, unlike every other worldview or religion, is not about how we feel today or how zealous we are in our good works. It is about the objective fact that God the Son came down to earth, took on flesh, lived a sinless life, fulfilled the law, died on a cross, bodily rose again for our justification (as evidenced by the eyewitness account of over 500 men and women), and promises to return in glory and power. 

Now, for those whom he called, there is no condemnation ever! Those who are in Christ can freely live under the banner of “It is finished.” That is what Christianity is about. It is not about our performance.

Hang in there! We are allowed to struggle and doubt; but know that God will never let go of his children. His grip will not falter. His righteousness is still enough. His grace is still sufficient even for your low moments, even for your doubts.

If you are struggling, if you are in a season of spiritual famine, take some time today to thank God that this thing is not about you. 

Though we tend to be faithless - though we are prone to wander - he remains faithful for he cannot go against his nature. That is good news!


  1. Great! Very encouraging words, brother.

    If our salvation is ultimately for the benefit of God and for His glory, then we can be sure HE will complete that which HE has started. Thank God for the finished work of the Cross!

  2. Right on Mike. Thanks for the encouraging words.