Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Becoming Increasingly More Aware of My Need of Christ

I was listening to a solid Christmas message this morning and heard this helpful reminder:

"If you understood just how desperate you were, just how broken you were, you would be unapologetic in your clinging to God's grace."

I think the speaker is right. I so often fail to understand my own desperate need of Christ on a daily basis. Pride and self-sufficiency are always right outside my door waiting to overtake me. May God help me realize, once again, my need of His grace and my utter dependence on Him.


  1. Boy howdy that was a good sermon! "It's not the bad deeds, it's those damnable good deeds." That whole part really hit it.

  2. Yes! The illustration about how even his affirming text messages to his boys are stained by self-centeredness really hit home with me.