Thursday, December 1, 2011

I Need You: A Prayer of Brokenness

Who am I? I am a nobody. I am here today, gone tomorrow; just another dude with a blog. There are millions of me out there.

But He is everything. He is worth more than life itself. He is eternal. He creates and sustains all things by His mere words. He saves sinners just like me - and I need Him. I need Him desperately.

I need Him right now, as I am typing, I need Jesus. I need His grace to fall fresh on me. I need His love to get me through another challenging day. I need the euphoric rush of knowing that I am united with Christ, all of my sins are forgiven, and His perfect record is mine. I need Him, oh how I need Him.
Father, open my eyes today to see your glory. Reassure me of your ridiculous love for such a wicked man. Dazzle me with your beauty. Remind me of how your son walked out of the grave - I do love that story. Draw my eyes to Calvary, then catch me as I fall into your arms again.
I come before you broken and weak, as usual, and I ask for your healing and mercy. My heart craves your presence and it yearns to flutter once again at the thought of your scandalous, self-sacrificing love towards an undeserving idolater.
I beg you to show me your grace once more so that I may find restoration in the midst of my brokenness, comfort in the midst of my pain, worship in the midst of my self-centered pity, and forgiveness in the midst of my sinful existence.

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