Monday, August 1, 2011

The True Image of God

He is the image of the invisible God... Colossians 1:15

Throughout the Old Testament we see a strict prohibition of visible representations of God (i.e., idols). One of the primary reasons for this was that God intended to save his people for the real thing, the true image of God - Jesus Christ. 
If you read Exodus 32 you will see how the Israelites just could not wait any longer, they had to create a visible image to worship. They decided to bow their knee to a second-rate representation of God (a golden calf) while Moses was absent. 
God's chosen people had settled for a cheap imitation of the true God. They had a great desire to worship an "image" of God, but the time was not right for the true image to appear and walk among them. God willed that they wait for the "real deal"; but patience was not their strongest virtue.
It should be understood that all of history had been building up to the moment that the true image of God would appear to reconcile God and man. 
For thousands of years man waited. Then, one day, after four hundred years of prophetic silence, it happened... 
He came down to earth. 
God himself condescended to our level. 
The fullness of Yahweh dwelled in a baby born in a ghetto called Bethlehem.
This baby went on to both perfectly fulfill the Law and atone for sin by sacrificing himself as a spotless Lamb.
Jesus was not a sketch of God. 
He was not a god-like figure. 
He was not an angel. 
He was not a guru with a powerful connection to deity. 
He was the true manifestation of Yahweh. 
He was God himself.
Jesus boldly said, "If you have seen Me you have seen the Father." That statement is either outrageous blaspheme or it is absolute truth, there can be no middle ground. Paul is asserting here, as proven by His bodily resurrection, that the rumors are indeed true, this man named Jesus is fully God. He is saying that the almighty God of the Old Testament has walked among us.
Jesus was not created in God’s image (as we are), He is God's image.

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