Wednesday, August 24, 2011

But God, I Don't Feel Like Showing Grace...

I find it ironic that a day or two after my wife and I watched the Les Miserables video that I posted on Friday she was robbed.

The whole experience has been unsettling and difficult for us both (but especially for her). The thieves stole her purse, wallet, camera bag, and camera equipment....right after we had both sat down and watched that particular video. What are the odds?

I believe that God works everything out according to his purposes - even the nasty things. He is a big God. Nothing gets past him. Nothing surprises him.

God must be desiring to teach us something through this. Honestly, we do not yet know what that lesson is, but he is definitely up to something here.

May we, by God's grace, learn what we are supposed to learn through this challenge, and may God help me personally to live in light of the message of grace that I preach (even during the hard days when I don't feel like it).

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