Monday, September 24, 2012

Tullian Tchividjian: Growing = Becoming Dependent on Christ

Every time I hear Tullian preach, my Pharisaical mind bristles at what he is saying.

I find myself asking questions like: "Can Christianity truly be this great?" "Is Christ really enough?" "Is grace that amazing and all-encompassing?"

After a few minutes, however, I am mentally immersed once again in the scandalous grace of God in Christ. At the end of his message (whichever one... they are all good) I am realigned with the gospel, and the struggles of the day seem to be put back into perspective. 

Nothing comforts me like grace that is given to unworthy sinners. Thank God for the gospel, it never gets old. 


  1. Ohhh! Yeah! Speaking like this makes me wanna jump and whoop! Thanks for sharing! (Now I'm watching Eric Mason's turn at Liberty)

  2. Eric Mason is great. I should post his stuff more often.