Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Law & Gospel Distinction

"This difference between the Law and the Gospel is the height of knowledge in Christendom. Every person and all persons who assume or glory in the name of Christian should know and be able to state this difference. If this ability is lacking, one cannot tell a Christian from a heathen or a Jew; of such supreme importance is this differentiation." -Luther
"Ignorance of this distinction between Law and Gospel is one of the principal sources of the abuses which corrupted and still corrupts Christianity." -Beza
All religions contain portions of the Law. Some of the heathen, by their knowledge of the Law, have advanced so far that they have even perceived the necessity of an inner cleansing of the soul, a purification of the thoughts and desires. But of the Gospel not a particle is found anywhere except in the Christian religion.” -Walther
“We cannot say that we are preaching the Word of God unless we are distinctly and clearly proclaiming both God's judgment (law) and his justification (gospel) as the regular diet in our congregations.” -Horton

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