Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Benefit of Brokenness

The beauty of hitting rock bottom is that it brings you face to face with the reality of who you are. All masks are discarded at that point. There is no more running or hiding from your inadequacies, no more faking it, no more plastic smiles. All of your flaws are out there in the open.

Living in an environment of denial where you can ignore the reality of your brokenness is no longer an option; that ship has sailed.

You are stripped bare for the world to see.

Empty religion means nothing at that point. 
Living to please others loses its grip on you.
This culture's shallow, superficial garbage that it keeps pushing down your throat becomes of little interest as well. 

Life becomes much more raw, much more real.

In hitting rock bottom, you see yourself for who you really are: ruined, sin-stained, and in need of a Savior.

When you are here. 
When you are ruined.
When you are broken.
When you are shamed.
When you are humbled.
When you are overwhelmed.
When you realize that you have absolutely nothing to offer this world.
When the blinders are taken off and you can now see your depravity.
When your life motto becomes: "Oh wretched man that I am!"
When all of your pride is gone.

Now you may finally see your need of salvation.
Now you may be ready to have an encounter with a holy and righteous God, so keep your eyes open. In the darkness, the light of Christ sometimes becomes more evident.
Run to him.
Cling to him.
Put all your eggs in that basket.
He's the only hope that this world has, and if it takes brokenness for you to realize that - it is a small price to pay for what you will get in return.

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  1. Amazing powerful Mike. How did I get so blessed to know you and your gorgeous wife, you have no idea how you guys encourage me. Love you both much and I am so very proud of the two of you.