Thursday, October 18, 2012

Help Me O God

Yesterday I was rereading a message that I had prepared and taught last year, and I was taken aback by the outline. 

Grace, the grace that I was teaching that night, was absolutely scandalous. Had a Pharisee or a legalist heard that message I might have been run out of town on charges of antinomianism. 

It was a beautiful manuscript: God was big, man was small, our situation was dire, justice was deserving, yet grace in Christ was amazing.

Now, I fear that I have slipped into a state of apathy. The gospel doesn't seem to captivate me like it once did. I accomplish tasks, I stay busy, I minister, but I am afraid I am not as stirred by the love of God as I once was.

Father please help me to fall back in love with you. Please amaze me once more with your grace.

Exhortations can't help me, law will do little for me now, "how to" tips are for someone else - I need grace, I need the gospel, I need Jesus. 

I need my eyes to be opened once more to your scandalous and eternal love for this wretched man.

Please hear my cry O lover of my soul. Stir me once more. Lead me back to Calvary.



    This post reminded me of an audio I've listened to a couple of times from Together for the Gospel and John Piper. It was so peace giving to hear Piper talk abou the hard times in ministry. That only God can keep us and pull us out of the pit.

  2. Thank you Lindsey. I will listen to it right now as I work.