Thursday, April 26, 2012

Free Music Recommendation: 'through hymn'

Owen Strachan clued me in on this guys awesome work. He writes: 

"[through hymnspecializes in hip-hop on church history.  You never know what to expect with under-the-radar rappers.  It took me one listen, though, to know that Through Hymn is the real deal.  He is an excellent rapper.  His production is polished and sharp, and his content is straight-up historical theology and church history, with a decidedly pro-Reformation bent.  Yet another album that proves in abundance that Christians can use rap for edification and pleasure."

You won't find many Presbyterian rappers out there, and that is what sets through hymn apart. His theology is solid and the content is weighty. His entire album is free to download. Check it out here, then spread the word if you like him.

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