Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Michael Williams: Jesus is the Picture on the Puzzle Box

"The picture of Christ in the Old Testament can be obscured by veritable whiteout conditions of chronological, sacrificial, architectural, geographic, and genealogical details, so that all that can be made out after spending some time in the snowstorm is a mound of white where the car used to be. 

To an admittedly lesser degree, the problem exists for the New Testament as well. Names of apostles and disciples, travelogues, letters to forgotten churches in obscure locales regarding confusing theological issues—all of this can seem like so many different shaped jigsaw pieces without a picture on the box to help us to put it all together... [There is a picture given to us to help us piece the puzzle together], and it is a picture of Jesus." via Challies

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  1. Really so awesome the Picture on the Puzzle Box. I like every thing very much...