Friday, October 14, 2011

The Message of the Cross in a Superficial World

I read somewhere that this generation is the most entertained generation in all of history. Even America's most impoverished communities have access to high speed internet, iPhones, iPads, Streaming Movies, OnDemand TV, a steady barrage of slick commercials, and XBox live with Turtle Beach headsets.

We are inundated with sensation, with sexuality, and with sales pitches.

Yet, we are bored, we are empty, and we are seeking for more. When the distractions fade in the darkest night our souls are revealed to be restless.

There is a longing for significance... for something meaningful... something bigger than ourselves.

Inside all of us is a desire to be a part of something epic. 
We want our lives to count. 
We want to live in the context of a story that is bigger than ourselves and our day to day grind.
There is a hole in our heart that no amount of earthly sensation can satisfy.

Before it is too late some of us will, like Solomon in Ecclesiastes (a man who had everything that you and I dream of), realize, by God’s grace, the shallowness and emptiness of what society is offering.

The reality is that shiny objects become dull. Today’s hottest gadgets become obsolete tomorrow. Beauty fades. Health deteriorates. Clothes go out of style. Friends betray you. Markets crash. Houses lose value. Loved ones pass away. Cancer spreads. Hair falls out. Smooth skin wrinkles. 

There has to be more to all of this. 
Life must be bigger than macbooks, money, and hedonistic indulgences.

Augustine famously said: "Our Hearts are Restless Until They Rest in [Him]" i.e., God.
I know it sounds cliche, but I present to you Jesus Christ as the answer for what you are looking for. This is not based on some internal feeling that I experienced or because I know that He lives within my heart, but based upon the historical fact that He resurrected bodily from the grave. Truly, anyone who can defeat death demands our allegiance and proves that His message is indeed true.
Now, for those who are called, Jesus invites them into His story. It is the greatest story ever told - the story of redemption.

We don’t redeem, we don’t save, we aren’t the gospel, but we have the privilege of being Christ’s ambassadors. We proclaim the gospel. We tell our families, our friends, and our neighbors of what he has already accomplished. We have a mission. We have a purpose.

You will not find a more rewarding cause. 
There is no better way to spend your time than in service to the King. 
There is no greater pursuit than the pursuit of Jesus Christ. 
There is no greater message than the scandalous gospel of free grace to all who believe.
So, if you long to be a part of something bigger than yourself then j
oin us as we worship and proclaim the good news of a God whose loves comes without conditions, whose grace knows no limit, and whose mercy endures forever.

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