Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Marvel of the Gospel

I am currently reading a biography of Martin Luther written by Roland Bainton, and tonight I came across them 'gem' of a paragraph written by Bainton describing Luther's perspective of the gospel:

"How amazing that God in Christ ... the Most High; the Most Holy should be All Loving too; that the inefable Majesty should stoop to take upon himself our flesh, subject to hunger and cold, death and desperation.

We see him lying in the feedbox of a donkey, laboring in a carpenter's shop, dying a derelict under the sins of the world.

The gospel is not so much a miracle as a marvel, and every line is suffused with wonder."

Thus far I have become convicted as I read of Luther's awe and respect for God. He feared his creator and refused to take prayer or the sacraments lightly. Honestly, far too often I take God and his grace for granted. I tend to drift into autopilot and forget that I am communicating with the maker of all things. He is worthy of so much more, God help me change.

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